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blank by lintuvixen

An old lady opens her mind...

Posted by miss_daizy on 2005.10.24 at 09:37
How I'm Kickin': : gigglygiggly

britbitribbit, bitbribribbut, bribrirbbut…whatever! Looks like a frog crossed paths with Britney Spears. Some teenie queenie, for sure. No one I need to think about.

Britneys are babysitters. Britneys are my daughter’s friends. Britneys couldn’t possibly connect with or interest me. We’re too different in age and experience.

Hhmm, though, that was interesting.


I like theatre, too.

Boy, this one’s funny.
And smart.

Wonder what she thinks about this.

Is she really 15?

Wow, she is.

Oh, look she just posted in that topic.

Bribitribbit is kind and clever and real.
Bribitribbit is my friend, age be damned!

Happy birthday to special girl growing into lovely young womam who is always going to be an agelessly interesting soul no matter what the number on your drivers license says!

With much love,


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