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Memoirs of a bribitribbit...

Posted by ronkaperplexous on 2005.10.24 at 17:07
Many Happy Returns to britbibrib bribbitritti bribitrbititb Brib, who is wonderful for so many reasons.

I humbly present to you these birthday gifts, and my sincerest wishes for a great day!


They Say It's You're Birthday!

A Birthday Group Shot!


Ode to Britt

To Britt,

A girl with a username just as confusing as mine,
Who laughs, and makes me laugh,
Who dons the emofringe without hesitation,
Who listens to musicals,
And writes musicals,
And is kind of crazy about musicals,
But in a good way.

A Co-Queen of Procrastenation,
The Wixed QoP of the West to my East,
Who thought Remus' "furry little problem" was funny enough to put on her userinfo,
Who peddled fearlessly in the Manhunt,
And found 87,
Though not necessarily in that order.

Who joined a Secret CRAXheaded project,
That she knew almost nothing about,
Just because someone asked,
Because she thought it would be fun.

The whole fandom knows you by now,
And we all love you,
And no one wonders why,
Because, hey, it's obvious!

And also?


A Message From Dobby

Dobby wishes that the young miss be having a happy birthday! He is hoping the young miss (not so young anymore!) is having a wonderful day, wonderful person that she is. He has taken a picture of himself for the young miss, he has, for he has heard that she likes pictures of him, though he does not know why, lowly House Elf that he is.

Happiest of Birthdays, Miss Britt!


Have a wonderful time! Remember, eat lots of sticky, chocolate cake!

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