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I'm a wicked procrasinator. :/

Posted by kuro_nyoko on 2005.10.23 at 22:45
How I'm Kickin': : chipperchipper
My Jazz is: Happy Birthday. What else?
A little Birthday something for my dear Brib.Collapse )

...would like to wow you with this 'filk'!

*hem hem*

She's Just That Girl
To the tune of:
I'm Not That Girl, from Wicked

The Quillers
Hand moves, Mouse click,
Make the joke, see it stick
Laughter rising with a twirl
Who started this one?
She's just that girl...

Dream wide, dream far
Hook your future to a star
Don't forget your thread isn't spun
Who started this one?
She's just that girl...

Ev'ry so often we long to see
To the land of what-still-could-be
And that doesn't change the promise of more
When we can see what lies in store.

Bright smile, quick wit
She who's got some, she's got it
Jet hair with a wi-ld curl
That's the girl we chose
And Moey knows
She's just that girl...

Wish long, wish hard
Cuz wishing's always in the cards
Take that wicked laugh out for a whirl
There's a girl we know
We love her so
And Britt's that girl!


Doesn't Barbara ROX?

...can be viewed here!

(Looks good enough to eat! ;))

so you look for authenticity

From Moonlinnet aka Pineapple Queen ;)

Posted by mysticblueside on 2005.10.23 at 22:18

Insert some well-known phrase about pictures and some large number of words...

Also, she offers this loverly banner...

But it doesn't end there! No siree! She made a phone post, and would like me to relay the message that she is NOT about to cry. ;) Take a hear here!

And for kicks, this is her awesome email siggy:

"There is no such word as 'impossible' in my dictionary," he said, brandishing the mutilated book at her. "In fact, everything between 'herring' and 'marmalade' appears to be missing." -Dirk Gently's Hollistic Detective Agency


I have Photohop and I'm not afraid to use it (sorta)

Posted by dancing_kumquat on 2005.10.23 at 22:33
My Jazz is: They say it's your birthday!

Brib you're finally 16!! I love you so much, I hope you've had a fabulous birthday!

Also just a warning, what you are about to see is my best attempt at actually using Photoshop. That's right, it is horrifying. Thought you ought to know!


A birthday card of sorts...also known as when Echo meets BribCollapse )


Winky and Dobby Send Their Felicitations in 387 WordsCollapse )

icon by KTA
Posted by kelleypen on 2005.10.23 at 17:38
How I'm Kickin': : crazyCraxed

(loosely sung to Mother)



  • B is for the Broadway tunes she’s singing
  • R is for her really awesome laugh
  • I is for the innocence of subbing
  • B is for the beauty of her smile
  • I is for her imaginary shoebox
  • T is for the time she spends with Jo
  • R is for the fics which feature Remus
  • I is ingenuity to spare
  • B is for her boldness
  • B and for braveness
  • I is for the intellect that guides her
  • T is for the truth she tries to speak

Put them all together, they spell Bribitribbit!

And today I’ll tell her happy sweet sixteen.

so you look for authenticity

Meeka Cinq the Ship...

Posted by mysticblueside on 2005.10.23 at 17:16

Pretend that made sense. ;) French humor gone wrong, I tell ya...

*ahem* Anyway. ;) talimeeka  has graciously donated another appreciation-picture. I'm linking to it, because otherwise the LJ format goes wonky. ;) Click on the word!


so you look for authenticity

#4: Kit's Krazy Kool Kard

Posted by mysticblueside on 2005.10.23 at 15:04

For your viewing pleasure, click the random word following this sentence.


Clicky clicky says the Piccy

Or, as Greenie calls it, the Big Haiku Image Thing Of DEWM! ;)

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